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Three "MUST SEE" Kazophony Video Clips

Kazoophony William To Hell

Kazoophony performing the "William To Hell Overture"

Kazoophony Promotional video 2007

Barbara Stewart Interview / Kazoophony

Kazoophony Official Clubhouse and Fan Club!

Described by the Wall Street Journal as “America’s Premier Kazoo Group”, Kazoophony brings professional kazooing to its very zenith. Spawned in the shadow of the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY, the group was founded to encourage the art of kazoo playing and promote musical enrichment all over the world. Kazoophony has appeared extensively on radio and TV (Tonight Show, Prairie Home Companion, etc.) at Lincoln Center and Town Hall (with George Carlin and PDQ Bach), at colleges and arts festivals...and at the opening of the new Yellow Trucking Center on the site of the Emerson Street Dump in Rochester, NY. Kazoophony has twice been banned in Britain and reviewed by Playboy, all without doing anything rude that members knew about.

Kazoophony originally performed as the 80-piece Ludakravian Philharmonica until the budget cut, when it was reduced to the world’s largest (5-member) kazoo quartet.
There is a cast of thousands only a few of whom are ever available for any given performance, but all are named Kaminsky. Kazoophony is currently in rest position until someone makes it worth their while to return to touring. However, CDs are available by clicking on the Kazoo Products tab above.

Kazoophoney Promo Photo
Photo by David Perlman.

Sir Arthur Shafman
AAAArtistes International Ltd.
163 Amsterdam Ave, #121
New York, NY 10023-5001
(212) 799-4814

Barbara Stewart

Photo by David Perlman.



Kazoophony Press Photos

Kazoophony 2007


Click on the photos above to download high resolution Kazoophony promo photos.

Kazoophony LP Cover
Photo by John Menihan Jr.

Kazoophony's out of print vinyl lp is now a rare collectors item.

Until I saw this group, I thought I’d heard everything!
Composer Aaron Copland

If you ain’t heard Mozart on the kazoo, you ain’t heard nothing yet.
Kazoophony Review, Playboy Magazine

Critical reaction to these artists so far has been universally incredulous...
New York Times

Never have so many,  been so liked,  for so little...Never has a group of musicians done so little with nothing. The audience loved every minute of it...
Roger Smith, Nevada State Journal

Kazoophony played with great spirit and a commendable lack of decorum, which always had the audience laughing heartily. The group certainly proved that the Mozart Eine Kleine Nachmusik sounds no worse on kazoo than it would on brakedrums, and kazoos are a lot cleaner. Their unflagging enthusiasm and insensitivity delighted the audience as well as the janitor.

-Professor Peter Schickele
(P.D.Q. Bach)

Kazooperman, Fan Club Leader and Head Groupie

Photo by David Perlman.


Identify the American instrument, shown below.

Hint: kazoo

Write in answer here:

K _ _ _ _

Note: Points will not be deducted for missspelling, since this is a quiz on music, not English.

This certification entitles you to email questions and positive comments to Kazooperman, which he will post on the blog, if he feels like it. To purchase merchandise, go to the Custom Kazoo Products tab on this website.

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