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Send Us Documentation of your Extreme Kazooing event. We will post it here.

Extreme Kazooing
Photo by John Menihan Jr.

X-TREME KAZOOING is a dangerous sounding, virtual risk sport that combines the thrills of extreme creativity with the great satisfaction of kazoo playing. Send us your X-treme Kazooing photo to post and qualify for priceless contests that offer nothing but the prestige of seeing your entry on this website.

Contests, giveaways, events and general chaos!

Achieve your five seconds of fame! Kazoos are far more practical to pack than traveling gnome statues or other sporting equipment. Use your creativity to make something out of nothing! You can either:

1. Create and record an actual event


2. With the miracles of modern digital technology and photo enhancement, you can travel nowhere and create X-treme Kazooing events from the comfort of your computer keyboard, if you so desire.

All activities undertaken at your own risk. The Extreme Kazooing Board accepts no responsibility for accidents or injury or for illegal or tasteless acts. We demand the highest standards of artistic excellence.

Send your entries to Extreme Kazooing

Extreme Kazooing Suggestion to Be Avoided:

Suggestion from PK:

"Bring a kazoo through airport security, and see their faces when you play them your favorite tune during the following search."


Note from Barbara Stewart:

This is one of those ideas better left to fantasy, rather than actuation. It is a highly amusing thought, but may also lead to delays (for the entire airport) and incarceration for you (under we are not sure what charges, but they will think of something). Better not to try, but instead Photoshop a completely imaginary event that is appears risky, but is actually legal and safe…

Extreme Kazooing Entries Thus Far.

Barbara Stewart and Kazooby the Eagle keep America humming with a 2009 Joyful Noise National Kazoo Day Cake.

Barbara Stewart with custom-made Reach Across the Aisle Kazoo that allows politicians to band together in non-partisan harmony.

Dean Family Kazooing to Keep America humming!

Maestro Stewart with Victoria and Natalie, Celebrating National Kazoo Day!

X-Treme Kazooing in London

X-Treme Kazooing Wedding

X-Treme Kazooing Pole Vaultress

X-Treme Kazooing Pop Diva Practicing Attitude

Barreling Along in Z Scale

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