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NATIONAL KAZOO DAY - Jan 28, 2009!
Barbara on Channel 13 Celebrating National Kazoo Day.View Barbara's appearance on Channel 13 celebrating National Kazoo Day!


Barbara Stewart (in shirt) announces National Kazoo Day 2009National Kazoo Day 2009, celebrated on Wed. Jan. 28th, because it is convenient to Your Chairperson. (Our rules designate the 4th Thursday in January or whenever convenient to the kazooist.)

May all of you have an eco-friendly and economically feasible HAPPY KAZOO YEAR! This year we commemorate the 159th birthday of the Kazoo — an American instrument invented in the 1840s in Macon, GA. Legend tell us the kazoo was invented by collaboration of Alabama Vest (American black) and Thaddeus Von Clegg (German-American clockmaker).

Photo (above) by John Menihan, Jr.

Michaela With Kazoo cake
Chef Michaela with Award-Winning Playable Frozen Kazoo Cake from Moonlight Creamery in Fairport, NY.

Grand Finale Kazoo Cake
Award-Winning Keep America Humming (playable) Cake from Grand Finales Bakery.

Evan Dawson of Channel 13 WHAM Rochester NY
Evan Dawson, Buttercreamed Anchor, who did not receive proper operating instructions for Playable Kazoo Cake, due to unavoidable delays in weather emergency.


Paul Newman and Barbara StewartWe will sadly miss Paul Newman, great actor, benefactor of charities and witty supporter of the “Kazoo As National Instrument”. Please know that he will be remembered, and the Kazoo Campaign will continue until success is achieved!

Paul Newman in 1976 with Barbara Stewart, National Kazoo Campaign Chairperson, as Newman endorsed the Campaign for Kazoo as national instrument!

2008 was a very big kazoo year. Let’s make this next one ever better! Our new internet website is now launched for the Campaign to Make the Kazoo National Instrument to Keep American Humming It is time to set aside bi-partisan differences and unite behind the Kazoo Campaign! Here is the one non-partisan issue where everyone can make their voices heard. After all, kazoos are economically affordable, often red and blue anyway – and other color variances tolerated, provided local noise ordinances permit.

Paul Newman letterAmong other features, allows voters to register support. Since the website was launched in 2008, a remarkable 95.24% have voted in favor of the kazoo as national instrument, with at least 21 ballots cast. We project a crescendo of several more votes over the next several decades.


Although presidential candidate Gov. Huckabee graced the cover of Making Music magazine (Sept/Oct 2007), he apparently didn’t see the article in the same issue entitled Do You Kazoo? (p.42). Otherwise, Gov. Huckabee might be currently working to Keep America Humming, since he has a new platform that could be instrumental in this cause on his weekly Fox TV Show.

Be assured that poor economy has little effect on kazooists, since we were never prominent figures in world finance to begin with. However, it is true that recent accelerations in crude oil prices raised prices for plastic kazoos by a whopping 70%, and overseas shipping costs have ballooned astronomically. However, as a major factor to balance this inflationary minor note, the demand for cost effective music during recession has actually elevated interest in kazooing. This does not rule out the possibility of asking for financial bail out as an option, of course. Ask not what you can kazoo for your country or what your government can kazoo for you, wherever you are in the world…

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