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Barbara Stewart with custom-made Reach Across the Aisle Kazoo that allows politicians to band together in non-partisan harmony.

Barbara Stewart with Reach Across the Aisle Kazoo.
Photo by Heidi Hoppe

Tandem design alternates red and blue kazoos, with bubble gum tape at the end to make your notes stick. Stewart created a custom-imprinted Presidential Model for President Elect Barack Obama, but has not yet received her invitation to the White House for the presentation. She has models suitable for Congressional use as well, but Congress hasn’t invited her either. Her Keep America Humming Kazoo (which initiated the original Campaign to Make the Kazoo National Instrument to Keep America Humming) is contained in the collection of musical instruments in the Smithsonian in Washington DC.


Keep America Humming

Download this letter, fill in the blanks and send to your elected officials.
Click here for more information.

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